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Many of these nurse theorists are still active today in the nursing community.

Try googling your theorist's name to find their own website.  Many times you will find a biography, a synopsis of their theory/model, and/or a list of their research works.

Look your theorist up on YouTube to find interviews. Interviews are "primary" research material.

(Primary sources include interviews, letters, and books about the theory written by the theorist, herself -- words directly from the theorist.)

More Primary Source Materials

You may find more PRIMARY SOURCE materials in Dissertations & Theses database -- click HERE.


Abdellah, Faye Glenn -- Twenty-One Nursing Problems

Adam, Evelyn -- Conceptual Model of Nursing

American Assn of Criticial Care Nurses -- AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care

Artinian, Barbara M. -- Artinian Intersystem Model

Barker, Philip J.  & Poppy Buchanan Barker -- Tidal Model of Mental Health Nursing

Barnard, Kathryn E. -- Parent-Child Interaction Model

Benner, Patricia -- Novice to Expert Model

Boykin, Anne & Schoenhofer, Savina -- Nursing as Caring Theory

Conti-O'Hare, Marion -- Nurse As a Wounded Healer/QUEST Model for Reflective Practice

Corbin, Juliet & Strauss, Anselm -- Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework

Dossey, Barbara Montgomery -- Theory of Integral Nursing

Duffy, Joanne R. -- Quality-Caring Model

Eakes, Georgene Gaskill -- Theory of Chronic Sorrow

Erickson, Helen & Tomlin, Evelyn & Swain, Mary Ann-- Modeling & Role-Modeling Theory (MRM)

Eriksson, Katie -- Theory of Caritative Caring

Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. -- Life Perspective Rhythm Model

Friedemann, Marie-Luise -- Framework of Systemic Organization

Glaser, Barney & Strauss, Anselm -- Glaserian Grounded Theory in Nursing Research

Hall, Lydia E. -- Core, Care, & Cure Circles

Henderson, Virginia -- Conceptualization of Nursing

Husted, Gladys -- Bioethical Theory of Symphonology

Johnson, Dorothy E. -- Behavioral Systems Model

Kalofissudis, Ioannis -- Complexity Nursing Theory/Complexity Integration Theory

King, Imogene -- Open Systems Model / General System Theory / Theory of Goal Attainment / King's Conceptual System

Kolcaba, Kathy -- Theory of Comfort

Leininger, Madeleine -- Transcultural Nursing Model

Levine, Myra Estrin -- Conservation Model

Locsin, Rozzano C. -- Technological Competency as Caring

Martinsen, Kari -- Philosophy of Caring

Meleis, Afaf Meleis -- Transitions Theory

Mercer, Ramona -- Maternal Role Attainment

Mishel, Merle -- Uncertainty in Illness Model

Moore, Shirley M. -- Peaceful End of Life Theory

Neuman, Betty -- Neuman Systems Model

Newman, Margaret A. -- Health as Expanding Consciousness

Nightingale, Florence -- Nightingale's Philosophy

Orem, Dorothea E. -- Self-Care Deficit Theory (SCDNT)

Orlando, Ida Jean Pelletier -- Nursing Process Theory

Parse, Rosemarie Rizzo -- Human Becoming School of Thought

Paterson, Josephine G. & Zderad, Loretta T. -- Humanistic Nursing Theory

Pender, Nola J. -- Health Promotion Model

Peplau, Hildegard E. -- Interpersonal Relations Model

Ray, Marilyn Anne -- Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

Reed, Pamela -- Theory of Self-Transcendence

Riehl-Sisca, Joan -- Riehl Interaction Model

Rogers, Martha E. -- Science of Unitary Human Beings

Roper, Nancy & Logan, Winifred W. & Tierney, Alison J. -- Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing

Roy, Callista -- Roy Adapation Model

Rubin, Reva -- Theory of Maternal Identity

Ruland, Cornelia M. & Moore, Shirley M.  -- Peaceful End of Life Theory

Schoenhofer, Savina -- Nursing as Caring Theory

Sieloff, Christina -- Theory of Group Outcome Attainment (Power) within Organizations

Strauss, Anselm -- Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework/Model

Swain, Mary Ann & Tomlin, Evelyn -- Modeling & Role-Modeling Theory (MRM)

Thornton, Lucia -- Whole-Person Caring Model

Travelbee, Joyce -- Human to Human Relationship Model

Van Sell, Sharon -- Complexity Nursing Theory

Watson, Jean -- Theory of Caring in Nursing

Wiedenbach, Ernestine -- Prescriptive Theory of Nursing

Wittmann-Price, Ruth A. -- Theory of Emancipated Decision Making

Zderad, Loretta T. -- Humanistic Nursing Theory


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Humanistic Nursing Theory

Theorists:  Josephine Paterson & Loretta Zderad

Martha E. Rogers, interview pt.1 - Nursing Theorist

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