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Criminal Justice--Databases & More: Find Articles

An overview of crime in America, various theories concerning causes of crime, and the criminal justice system.

Library Databases

Why Use Library Databases?

  Scales of Justice

 The world @ your fingertips!

 Finding library resources using databases!

Databases allow you to search for citations and full-text articles in popular magazines & scholarly journals

Databases cover all sorts of subjects and are especially useful for current information

Databases index information which has gone through an editorial review process

Databases are structured and allow you to find information more precisely

By setting limiters in databases, you can specify "scholarly journal" and "full-text"

Find a complete list of library databases on the homepage! 

Options for Getting Articles not in the Library

Help!  I need an article not available online.


If you find a citation for an article that is not available to you online, you have options to get that article.


1.  Ask a librarian for help.  Librarians are experts in finding articles for you.

2.  Check our Journal Locator - search for a journal, magazine, or newspaper to find out if the library has access.

3.  Interlibrary Loan - we can order an article for you from another library - this normally takes 7 -10 days, so it is NOT your fastest option.  Working with a librarian first saves you time and an ILL fee.

Never pay for an article on a publisher's website - ask a librarian for help and you'll save both time and money. 

Ask a Librarian

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APA Documentation

What are Scholarly Journals?

scholarly journals

Scholarly journals provide an in-depth analysis of topics

Scholarly journals may be published by a professional organization

Author is usually an expert or specialist in the field

Articles are written the jargon of the field for scholarly readers

Articles are more structured and may include an abstract, methodology, results, conclusion and bibliography

Articles are reviewed and critically evaluated by peers or experts in the field

Bibliography and/or footnotes always provided to document research


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